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June 30 Cliff Spa Yoga and Meditation Retreat

“Summer Stillness Yoga and Meditation Retreat” at Snowbird’s Cliff Spa

Sunday, June 30 from 11:30am-3pm

Join Dana for a three-and-a-half hour journey from outer to inner stillness. This retreat will include yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, intention-setting, personal awareness work, and other practices designed to lead you inwards. We will set aside our distractions (including devices), and focus on ourselves for the time of the retreat.

If you’d like to continue your journey afterwards, join me for a silent soak in the rooftop hot tub.  (If this sounds little scary, all the better–it’s probably just what you need!)

Bring a friend, spend the day…the retreat fee includes access to the entire spa, and a discount on spa services (please book beforehand through the Cliff Spa itself).

Join me and the mountains!

Fee: $90

Limited to 15 participants. Registration closes when the maximum number is reached. In case of low registration (less than 4) by June 21, retreat will be canceled and all payments refunded, less any service fees. Other payment details shown in “Payment Policies” area on the registration page; be sure to read before booking.

Late April-Early May Schedule Changes, and Iyengar Conference Report

Hello, All!

*Late April-Early May Schedule Changes below!*

Thank you for your dedication to the practice of yoga.

As you know, I attended the Iyengar Yoga National Conference in Dallas with Abhijata Iyengar (granddaughter of B.K.S. Iyengar) from April 11-18. It was a week of inspiration, perspiration, intention, clarity, focus, and community. These practitioners are fierce, in both their practice and their dedication to Iyengar Yoga. Abhijata shared many anecdotes of her relationship and learning from Guruji (as her grandfather is known).

Many of her words touched me. Here are a few….
“Asana is a situation.”
“Guruji taught me to look for meaning in everything I do.”
“Can intellect remove fear?”
“As my grandfather said, we cannot know where the body ends and the mind begins. We cannot know where the mind ends and consciousness begins.”

We committed to every asana, every situation, working on putting awareness in our hips, shoulders, skin, tailbones, and observing how our breath touched, or didn’t touch, various parts of ourselves. One day, we jumped from pose to pose–Ardvha Hastasana in Tadasana to Uttanasana to Adho Mukha Svanasana to Uttanasana to Adho Mukha Svanasana, to Trikonasana, back to Adho Mukha Svanasana to Parsvakonasana, back to Adho Mukha Svansasana to Ardha Chandrasana…we had no idea we were capable of such joy and movement in an Iyengar class. “Do not get caught up in the alignment instructions all the time; move!” she said. Pranayama (breathing practices) are deceptively simple; when emerging from the practice, I was often moved to tears by the depth of the effects. Savasana is usually short in Iyengar Yoga, but it was not always so, leaving time for the effects of the practice to be absorbed.

We were treated to first US screening of a new documentary about BKS Iyengar – “Iyengar: The Man, Yoga, and the Student’s Journey” on the last night of the conference. It was an eye-opening and moving tribute.

I’m delighted to have been accompanied by a great crew from Salt Lake City and Tokyo
(photo below): Jay Jones, who practices and was certified in Iyengar Yoga; Anne Doubek, who practices Iyengar Yoga, and will sub my class on May 3; Dominica Serigano, my yoga mentor and close friend, and director of SHIZEN Yoga Studio in Tokyo (my yoga hOMe since 2004). Thanks to all of you for joining me in this amazing opportunity for learning!

If you’d like to experience more of what I experienced, please join me for class this week, or after May 6…because I have two more trips to take, from April 29-May 5. I will first visit my beautiful mom, to celebrate her 80th birthday. Then, I will be teaching at the Inbody Yoga Academy Mindfulness and Yoga Retreat. (If you’re interested in joining the retreat, please reach out to me ASAP.)

Thank you for your understanding. I am grateful to work with each and every one of you.

Please be advised of the following changes to the weekly class schedule:

  • Friday, April 26: NO CLASS (9:15am at Mindful Yoga Collective)
  • Monday, April 29: Charlotte Bell will SUB 9:15am class at Mindful Yoga Collective
  • Tuesday, April 30: NO CLASS (6-7:15pm at Inbody Yoga Academy)
  • Wednesday, May 1: NO CLASS (9:15am at Mindful Yoga Collective)
  • Thursday, May 2: NO CLASS (10am at Inbody Yoga Academy)
  • Friday, May 3: Anne Doubek will SUB at 9:15am at Mindful Yoga Collective

Classes resume as usual from Monday, May 6! I look forward to seeing you!

Weekly class schedule is always posted here! 

From left: Jay Jones, Anne Doubek, Dominica Serigano, Dana Levy….and Mr. Iyengar!

Mid-April Schedule Changes

Hi, all!

Dana will be studying with Abhijata Iyengar (B.K.S. Iyengar’s granddaughter) at the Iyengar Yoga National U.S. Conference, held in Dallas, Texas, from April 11-18.

Please be advised of the following changes to her regular class schedule:

April 12 (Fri.): NO 9:15am CLASS at Mindful Yoga Collective

April 15 (Mon.): Charlotte Bell will SUB 9:15am class at Mindful Yoga Collective

April 16 (Tues.): Aron Stein will SUB 6-7:15pm class at Inbody Yoga Academy

April 17 (Weds.): NO 9:15am CLASS at Mindful Yoga Collective

April 18 (Thurs.): NO 10am CLASS at Inbody Yoga Academy

Thank you for your understanding and support.


NEW CLASS! “All Levels Hatha Yoga” at InBody Academy, Thursday, 10:00-11:30 am

I’m excited to announce a new weekly open class, at InBody Academy every Thursday*, 10-11:30am: “All Levels Hatha Yoga” (Details below).
We will be in the Upper Studio, with the rope wall and Iyengar chairs. I love teaching mid-morning classes, and apologize to those of you who can’t make a weekday class; I promise to offer several workshops in late spring. I’m looking forward to working with you—the development of community is one of the strongest forces in our lives, as we learn ‘in relationship’—this means to self, to other animate beings, to our immediate environment, and to that which is greater than ourselves, the unperceivable. Yoga is both a state and a process; asana is one tool. Join me!
*No class on 4/11 & 4/18; I’ll be attending the Iyengar conference in Dallas.*

NEW CLASS! “All Levels Hatha Yoga” at InBody Academy

Thursday, 10:00-11:30 am

**Class begins March 28; no class on April 11 or 18**

Using principles of Iyengar yoga, this class helps practitioners of all abilities to deepen their asana practice, work skillfully at their own level, and develop better internal awareness. Class integrates the use of props to challenge, support, and intensify the asana, and includes use of the rope wall at Inbody Academy’s upper studio, as well as chairs, bolsters, etc. A well-aligned practice in a non-competitive environment with personalized instruction, this class is open to all levels of practitioners; all you really need is an open heart and flexible mind.

Drop-in: $15.00 (Pre-registration suggested for attendance. Details here.)

*Students who currently hold a class pass with Dana may use them for this class.*

Winter 2018 News!

Did you receive your Winter, 2018 Newsletter today? If not, please let me know, and I’ll add you to the mailing list (remember to check your junk mail box first…it might be hiding!)

Here it is, for online reading!

The big news is the DECEMBER SPECIALS! Give the gift of yoga!

  • Buy 9, get one free!
  • Buy 20, get two free!
  • Buy 3 privates, save $25!
  • Buy a gift certificate, save 10%!

Details here (some limitations apply). Sadly, Paypal is not cooperating, so you will need to purchase from Dana directly.

And, don’t forget the last Sunday Restore of 2018 will be held on Dec. 9, 4-6pm at Mindful Yoga Collective. You can pay for class online here, or at the studio. See you there!

Have a lovely early December, and I’ll see you in class soon.

Thanksgiving, 2018!

Wishing you a joyful Thanksgiving, full of…well, gratitude!  

However you celebrate–with family, friends, or solo…in anticipation of the food, the drink or none of it at all…by “opting outside” or hitting the mall or internet…with board games and cocoa, or skiing, or sitting by the fireplace reading–remember to take time to S L O W   D O W N and savor not only the moments, but also everything you are feeling and experiencing. Let yourself S E T T L E and B E.

Just a reminder: Friday, Nov. 23, 9:15am class at Mindful Yoga Collective is canceled. All other Dana Levy Yoga classes will be held as scheduled.

Don’t miss Sunday Restore on Dec. 9 from 4-6pm. Please bring someone you love, or someone you think might benefit from this delicious *and I mean, Delicious, with a capital “D”* practice. No yoga experience is necessary–I will be your tour guide through the journey, and help get you settled into your restorative poses. I guarantee, there will be not a whit of holiday stress in your body by 6:00pm on Dec. 9 if you attend! Class fee is $20, payable online here, or at class!

Have I mentioned that I now teach “Mindful Asana” from 6-7pm every Tuesday evening at Inbody Yoga Academy? Join me for this slow-paced settling into stillness through movement. Hope to see you there.

A few exciting projects are lighting up…more on those in coming weeks.

Enjoy every day, and I look forward to seeing you soon!



Recent and Upcoming

Welcome to Autumn!  The summer flew, and its intense heat seems like a dim memory this week with intense rain and cooler temperatures.

It’s been a great entry into fall, with the “Autumn Abundance” Yoga Retreat at Snowbird’s Cliff Spa (photos below). I’m grateful to current Mindful students who joined, as well as former yoga teacher trainees, some of whom brought family members! We had a lovely afternoon in the bright, spacious, serene studio. It was just cool enough to enjoy the rooftop pool and hot tub as well. I’m currently planning for the next retreat, and will update you all soon.

The Lifelong Learning Snowbird retreat is coming up on Nov. 11. It usually fills up quickly, so check the link here if you’re planning to attend.; there is usually a wait list.  This will be the 10th and final time that I will teach this retreat. It’s been a pleasure teaching for the University of Utah’s Lifelong Learning program!

Speaking of the University of Utah, the 20-minute video here was taken by a trainee during an introduction to yoga in the Iyengar tradition for the 200-hour yoga teacher training program. This demonstration is of a sequence created by Geeta Iyengar for the 2017 International Day of Yoga.

I had the opportunity today to speak with first-year medical students at the U. They interviewed me for their final project in the “Beyond the Diagnosis” class. It was an honor (and kind of a life goal) to talk about “ikigai” (life purpose), wellness (whatever that is), pratipaksha bhavana (cultivation of opposites), differences between the U.S. and Japanese medical systems, compassion, depression, and how eastern and western medicine can work together.  I hope to have more chances like this in the future!

I still teach 200-hour teacher trainees at Salt Lake Community College, and with both 200-hour yoga teaching and 500-hour yoga therapy trainees at Inbody Academy.  Inspired and inspiring, it’s a challenge and honor to help develop the next generation of practitioners!

Inbody Academy is growing by leaps and bounds, and the 200-hour Mindfulness Teacher Training program kicks off in a few weeks. We’re delighted to have several participants from Japan for the online component. I’ll be teaching “Mindful Asana” for the program, and will teach at the 5-day silent retreat, to be held at Hidden Springs Ranch in Altamont, Utah, from May 2-5, 2019. Please join us of the retreat, or for the Mindfulness Teacher Training Program!

On Oct. 16, Inbody Yoga Academy is hosting my “Basics of Adjusting” workshop from 7-9:30 pm. In this workshop, I will teach the basics of correction and adjustment in several key poses, from observing common mistakes to verbal, demonstration, and hands-on techniques which will enhance students’ understanding of the asana. Use of props as a corrective tool will also be addressed. To join, you must be a 200-hour yoga teacher training graduate or current trainee, and be comfortable working in groups/pairs. The cost is $35/general public, or $30 for Inbody graduates or current trainees (contact me directly for the Inbody discount coupon code). Register here!

Weekly classes and Sunday Monthly Restore classes continue; the schedule is listed here, and the next Sunday Restore class is on Oct. 12. Hope to see you there!

In 2019, I’m looking forward to attending my first Iyengar Yoga National Convention to study with Abhijata Iyengar, senior Iyengar teachers, and my own teacher, Dominica Serigano from Japan. What else might 2019 hold?  Stay tuned.

Thank you for joining me on this path of yoga. As it is said, “Yoga is the journey to the center of the soul”. That being said, we do not stay there, in the depths of the soul. Rather, we move outward again to share our learning with others.  May we have peace, may we remember to take right action. May we live life purposefully, joyfully, and bodymindfully!



Time to register for “Autumn Abundance” Retreat!

Details below, and on the Workshops & Events page!

“Autumn Abundance” Yoga Retreat with Dana

Sunday, September 23, 2018

1:00-4:00 pm at Snowbird Resort’s Cliff Spa


Online Registration/Prepayment here! 

Join Dana for this intimate, restful retreat, held in the yoga studio at the top of Snowbird’s Cliff Spa! Yoga retreat includes three hours of asana, restorative yoga, and meditation (suitable for all levels of practitioners). Our theme is “Autumn Abundance” and the practice will focus on moving into this transitional time with a sense of fullness.

BONUS: The retreat fee includes access to the entire spa (rooftop hot tub and swimming pool, dry saunas, eucalyptus steam room, workout facility and locker rooms), plus 20% off any 50-minute+ a-la-carte spa services (not to mention the wonderful view)! Spa details here! Spend an entire early autumn “Sunday fun-day” up at Snowbird on your own, or with a friend, partner, or colleague. 

The fine print:

  • Prepayment required for attendance. You may pay online here, or in person by cash or check; Venmo and credit cards are also accepted. Contact Dana for details.
  • Limited to 16 participants.
  • If fewer than 5 are registered by Sept. 17, event may be cancelled, and all payments will be refunded.
  • No refunds unless event is cancelled by organizer (like a concert or other event). Thanks for your understanding.

2016 Snowbird Retreat

Cliff Spa Studio, 2016


See you at Snowbird!

“Summer Stillness” Yoga Retreat with Dana

Sunday, June 24, 2018

1:00-4:00 pm at Snowbird Resort’s Cliff Lodge



Retreat is full with 13 participants; thanks for registering, and see you on June 24!

All participants have been contacted by e-mail. If you did not receive a confirmation e-mail, or a reminder on June 23, please check your Junk mail folder; if no reminder is found, please e-mail Dana with your phone number, and she will give you a call to confirm!