Past Workshops & Events

(All events listed in reverse chronological order, from most recent to least.)

 – 2021 –

“Embodying Power and Love” was held via Zoom to practice the basics of Embodied Peacemaking, the method developed by Paul Linden (Being in Movement®), on the following dates: Feb. 15, Mar. 16, April 13 & 29, 2021, and continues each month.

“Lower Back Love”: April 4-Class Series was held each Wednesday, 4-5pm during the month of April to address back issues.

“Getting Unstuck: Working with Obstacles” Sunday Restorative Class was held via Zoom on Sunday, March 21 from 4:00-5:30pm MST. As the weather changes, we may feel “stuck” in old patterns; in this late-afternoon restorative class, we explored ways to “get unstuck”! This class involved mainly sitting and reclining postures, somatic movement, as well as svadhyaya (self-reflection).

“Foldings and Unfoldings: Folding into Forward Bends” Sunday Restorative Class, was held via Zoom on Sunday, Feb. 21. Forward bends help us fold into ourselves, stimulating the rest-and-digest part of our nervous system, stretching the back surface of the body and compressing the front as we take a deep dive inside.

“Embodying Power and Love” was held via Zoom on Monday, February 15, 4:00-5:30pm MST, to practice the basics of Embodied Peacemaking, the method developed by Paul Linden (Being in Movement®). This session is for all humans who wish to reduce violence in themselves and those around them. Learn easy, practical, powerful body-based ways to bring more peace into yourself and the world.

“Foldings and Unfoldings: Unfolding into Backbends” Saturday Morning Class, held via Zoom on Saturday, Feb. 6, brought awareness to the back body as we “unfolded into backbends” in this active, experiential and practical class.

“Entrances and Exits: Best Foot Forward” Sunday Restorative Class, held via Zoom on Sunday, Jan.17, was a late-afternoon restorative class focused on the feet and legs, and on building your foundation for rest in the new year.

“Entrances and Exits: Best Foot Forward” Saturday Morning Class was held via Zoom on Saturday, Jan. 2. “How do you plan to step into 2021? Build your foundation in this active special class taught by Dana Levy, C-IAYT, to develop greater awareness of your feet in standing, seated, and reclining postures and movement.”

– 2020 –

“With Open Arms: Giving and Receiving” Special Solstice Class, held via Zoom on Sunday, Dec. 20, focused on “visiting” with ourselves, spreading out our wings and settling into ourselves. Rest is a great gift, and, by nourishing ourselves, we can nourish those around us.

“Spreading the Wings of the Breath: A Practice for the Chest, Shoulders, and Spirit”, held via Zoom on Sat., Dec. 12 focused on freeing the breath by developing awareness of breath through simple practices focused on releasing tension in the upper body in standing, seated, and reclining postures and movement.

“Get on Up, Ease on Down” was a special Thanksgiving class held via Zoom on Saturday, Nov. 28, focused on building heat with active standing poses, and then giving in to gravity with restoratives, and finished with mindful, bodyful, quiet sitting.

(Transition to Online Events for the remainder of 2020 due to COVID restrictions!)

“Restorative Yoga and Sound Bath Journey”, held in-person Saturday, Feb. 29, was a moving collaboration between Dana and Traci Gregory, who specializes in using sound as a healing modality. The theme for this event was “letting go”, accessed through the metaphor of an ocean journey.

“Yoga Therapy for Happier Hips”, held on Feb. 25, and was a 90-minute class focused on creating a better relationship with one’s hips using the tools of yoga.

“Partner Yoga Playground” was an in-person partner yoga class (no partner needed; just an open heart and flexible mind!) held on Saturday, Feb. 15, 4-5:30pm at Mindful Yoga Collective, Salt Lake City.

“Home Practice Class: Standing Poses 1” was held at Mindful Yoga Collective on Saturday, Feb. 8, 10-11:30am, helping students get to know the basic standing poses in order to feel confident doing them at home. (“Standing Poses 2” was to be held in March, but was canceled due to the onset of COVID restrictions.) 

“Yoga Therapy for a Healthy Back” was held on Jan. 28, and was a 90-minute class focused on asana to address general back issues, held at Inbody Yoga Academy, SLC.

“Take Your Yoga Home: Home Practice Class”, held Saturday, Jan. 18 from 10:00-11:30am at Mindful Yoga Collective, addressed concepts for home practice, and reviewed the basics of sun salutations. Participants are getting more confident!

“Embody Your 2020 Vision: Embodied Yoga Principles”, held Saturday, Jan. 11 from 4:00-5:30pm at Mindful Yoga Collective — Dana led an Embodied Yoga Principles® class “focused” on developing insight into one’s goals for the new year, with poses to develop curiosity, self-care, privacy, discernment, support, the ability to say “yes”, enthusiasm, boundaries, practice saying “no”, entering, and targeting. Participants had a great time!

“Ring in the New Year: Restorative Yoga and Sound Bath”held Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2020, 4:00-5:30pm at Inbody Yoga Academy — This collaboration with Traci Gregory ( was a wonderful journey of letting go, deep rest, and acknowledging “what you stand for” in the new year.


– 2019 –

“Winter Solstice Restorative Yoga”, held Saturday, December 21, 4-5:30pm at Mindful Yoga Collective, was a retreat into hibernation on the longest night of the year!

“Home for the Holidays 2: Developing Your Home Practice”, held Saturday, December 9, 10-11:30am at Mindful Yoga Collective continued the discussion and practices started in the first class in November.

“Pre-Thanksgiving Restorative Practice”, held Saturday, November 23, 2019, from 4:00-5:30pm at Mindful Yoga Collective was based on the theme of developing awareness of self and habitual responses to conflict, in preparation for the upcoming holiday season.

“Winter Welcome: Yoga, Movement, and Mindfulness Retreat” November 17, 2019 from 1-4pm

Before heading into the chaos of the holidays, participants headed up to Snowbird ski resort to relax, reset, and restore at the “Winter Welcome: Yoga, Movement, and Mindfulness Retreat” with Dana at the Cliff Spa.

The $90.00 participation fee included all-day spa access in addition to three hours of nourishing yoga, movement, and mindfulness from 1-4pm in the 10th floor studio, with the beautiful view of the mountains seen here.

“Home for the Holidays 1: Developing a Home Practice” was held on Saturday, November 9 from 10-11:30am at Mindful Yoga Collective and addressed issues such as how to start a home practice, and overcoming obstacles to getting on your mat!

“Embodied Yoga Principles: Yoga for Your Life” was held on September 21, 2019, from 10am-12pm at Mindful Yoga Collective, and developed skills for giving and receiving, as well as acknowledging the gifts one has to share!

More about EYP here:

PAUL LINDEN in SLC, Sept. 13-16, 2019

Dana presented founder of Being in Movement®, Paul Linden, in a three-day workshop as well as a lecture/presentation, on his second visit to teach in SLC. Twenty participants from around the U.S. joined and learned the methods of BIM as generously, lovingly, kindly, and powerfully shared by Paul.

(Details on this page.)

“Summer Stillness Yoga and Meditation Retreat” was held at Snowbird’s Cliff Spa, Sunday, June 30, 2019 from 11:30am-3pm

– 2018 –

“Basics of Adjusting” Workshop was held Oct. 16, 2018, and Dana taught the basics of correction and adjustment in several key poses, from observing common mistakes to verbal, demonstration, and hands-on techniques which would enhance students’ understanding of the asana. Use of props as a corrective tool was also addressed. This workshop was for 200-hour yoga teacher training graduates or current trainees.

“Autumn Abundance” Yoga Retreat was held at Snowbird’s Cliff Spa on Sept. 23, 2018, 1-4pm.

“Summer Stillness” Yoga Retreat was held at Snowbird’s Cliff Spa on June 24, 2018, 1-4pm.

“The Root of All Things: Pelvic Floor Yoga (TM) Teacher Training” with Leslie Howard (hosted by Dana Levy Yoga), held from January 27-31, 2018. Leslie taught her 20-hour training at Mindful Yoga Collective in Salt Lake City to 25 trainees from the US and Canada. Several participants received certification as teachers of Pelvic Floor Yoga–feel free to reach out if you have any questions, and join the Pelvic Revolution!  

Learn more about Leslie here.

– 2017 –

“Workshops with Leslie Howard” (hosted by Dana Levy Yoga)

Leslie Howard brought her knowledge of the pelvic floor (and more) back to SLC from Oct. 27-29, 2017 (Friday-Sunday).

She offered a set of workshops for the female pelvic floor, “Yoga for the Female Pelvic Floor”, plus workshops for healthy knees, “The Bee’s Knees: Yoga for Cranky Knees”, and improved use of the gluteus muscles, “Smart Ass, Dumb Ass: Finding and Strengthening the Gluteus Muscles”.

Leslie Howard is a yoga teacher in the Iyengar style, based in San Francisco, who teaches internationally and specializes in workshops for pelvic floor health. Her new book, “Pelvic Liberation: Using Yoga, Self-Inquiry, and Breath Awareness for Pelvic Health” is now available for purchase from her website and at  Learn more about Leslie here.

“Mindfulness and Yoga Retreat at Boulder Mountain Ranch”, held from May 3-7, 2017, was a four-day retreat with three full days in silence, with yoga and meditation practice, plus great food, hiking, ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement), horseback riding, and more, hosted by InBody Yoga Academy. Dana was one of three staff members teaching yoga and meditation, as well as offering private yoga therapy sessions, during this retreat.

“Stable Body, Balanced Mind: Embodied Peacemaking Workshops” with Paul Linden, Ph.D. (hosted by Dana Levy Yoga and Aikido Mountain West), held April 22-23, 2017

These workshops brought Paul Linden and his incredible work, “Being in Movement”, body-based methods of resolving trauma in the body, to Salt Lake City for the first time (outside of trauma-healing related events held by MenHealing, another wonderful foundation). For more information about Paul and his work, please visit:

“Love without power is weak and ineffective; power without love is brutal and destructive.”

–Paul Linden

“Yoga Experiential Retreat”Dana taught this 3-4 hour afternoon retreat, held at Snowbird’s Cliff Spa, for the University of Utah’s Lifelong Learning Program three times per year from 2015-2018. 

  • Autumn, 2018: Nov. 11
  • Summer, 2018: July 29
  • Spring, 2018: April 8
  • Autumn, 2017: Nov. 12
  • Spring, 2017: April 2
  • Autumn, 2016: Nov. 13
  • Summer, 2016: July 17
  • Spring, 2016: April 3
  • Autumn, 2015: Nov. 15
  • Summer, 2015: August 2

“Principles of Alignment-Based Yoga in the Iyengar Tradition”

Dana has taught three- to four-hour intensives at both Inbody Academy and the University of Utah for their yoga teacher training programs since 2015. It offers an overview of alignment-based yoga and introduces principles of Iyengar yoga.   Available for members of the program only.

– Prior to 2013, Dana taught yoga classes, workshops and retreats in Japan in both Tokyo and Nikko. –

Please contact her if you have specific questions!