Online Yoga Classes

From January, 2022, Dana steps back from teaching online group yoga classes as she steps forward into the position of Program Director for Survivor Wellness.

Dana continues to offer private sessions as KIZUKI Movement Therapy, and works with clients of Survivor Wellness, a support center for individuals living with cancer, from the moment of diagnosis through their lifetimes.

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  • CANCELLED from January, 2022: Monday, 9:15-10:45am “Basic Asana + Mindfulness” Before Dana steps back from teaching morning online group classes, join this 90-minute Iyengar- based yoga class. It is for all levels and abilities of practitioner, and includes clear instruction in asana along with a dedicated, mindful theme. There is no charge for attending this event, although donations are accepted. Payment details below.
  • CANCELLED from January, 2022: Wednesdays, 8:30-9:45am “Basic Asana + Mindfulness”  This 75-minute Iyengar yoga-based class is for all levels and abilities of practitioner, and includes clear instruction in asana along with a dedicated, mindful theme. (For this class, you need a yoga mat, a wall, a belt, two blocks and a firm blanket, and a sturdy chair.)
  • CANCELLED from January, 2022: Fridays, 9:15-10:45am “Intermediate Asana + Pranayama” This 90-minute intermediate-level Iyengar-based yoga class is for experienced (2+ years), regular (2x/week or more) practitioners of alignment-based yoga who would like to deepen their practice and are familiar with prop use. (You will need a yoga mat, a belt, two blocks, two blankets, and a backless yoga chair or sturdy folding chair, and a wall nearby.)

All times are Mountain Time.

HOW to PAY for classes:

      • Single Class: $15 ($12 Senior/Student)
  • PURCHASE A CLASS PASS! Available in 4-, 9-, and 20-class sizes. From November, 2021, expiration dates are as shown below.
      • 4-Class Pass: $50 ($44 Senior/Student) Pass expires two months from date of purchase.
      • 9-Class Pass: $99 ($90 Senior/Student) Pass expires four months from date of purchase.
      • 20-Class Pass: $200 ($180 Sr./Student) Pass expires six months from date of purchase.
    • Venmo: Search for @DanaLevyYoga on Venmo
    • Credit Card: Contact Dana through the contact form below with your request. Dana will invoice you through the “Square” app. Be sure to include the amount you’d like to pay! *There is a small service fee for credit card payments.
    • PayPal: Click this link to go to the “” site, enter the price of the class pass you’d like to purchase, and add a memo with your e-mail address if you’d like a confirmation of receipt. If your PayPal account is in someone else’s name, please let Dana know. (Payee appears as “KIZUKI LLC”.)
    • Cash or check? Contact Dana!
    • Have a Class Pass? Check with Dana if you aren’t sure how many classes remain on your pass. Dana will contact you when it’s running low.
    • Need-Based: If you are currently unable to pay full price for classes, please see below, “The YOGA of BUSINESS”.


Yoga Sutra 2.16 “Heyam Dukham Anagatam” states “The practice of yoga reduces future suffering.” Your support in the short-term helps keep us as teachers and our brick-and-mortar studios stable, so that you may attend in-person classes in the future.

    • May those who are able to pay to join classes please do so.
    • May those who are not able to pay at this time please join classes.
    • May these practices benefit all.

If you are experiencing financial difficulty and would like to join classes, please contact Dana before asking to join class, to agree on an option that will benefit both parties. Thank you for your honesty, understanding, support and participation.

Questions? Contact Dana through the form below.