Weekly Online Classes

Join Dana for weekly online small-group classes, taught from her home studio!

With fewer than 15 students in class, you can feel a part of the group while receiving the benefit of the teacher’s eye and experienced guidance. Classes are held via Zoom. Registration links for the current month of classes (listed below) are sent only to members of the Dana Levy Yoga “Online Yoga Classes” mailing list. Contact Dana to be added to the mailing list; see below for details.

Please see the class descriptions in the Class Schedule area below to find out which class is appropriate for you, and make sure you have the props needed.

To join classes as a new student, please reach out to Dana in advance. Details below in the How to Register for Class/es section.

Purchasing a class pass to attend online yoga classes establishes your commitment to your practice; you may also pay by the class, or make other arrangements. See How to Pay for Classes, and read The Yoga of Business at the bottom of this page to understand Dana’s philosophy.

Dana also teaches several Special Classes/Events each month. Details & registration here on the “Upcoming with Dana” page.

Interested in a one-to-one yoga class? Sometimes, we need the care, attention, and communication that a private session provides. Have other questions? Want to know what a class is like? Contact Dana through the form at the bottom of this page, or from the “Contact” page, here.

ONLINE CLASS SCHEDULE (as of Sept. 1, 2021):

  • Mondays, 9:15-10:30am “Basic Asana + Mindfulness”  *No class on Sept. 27.* This 75-minute Iyengar yoga-based class is for all levels and abilities of practitioner, and includes clear instruction in asana along with a dedicated, mindful theme. (For this class, you need a yoga mat, a wall, a belt, two blocks and a firm blanket, and a sturdy chair.)
  • Wednesdays, 9:15-10:30am “Basic Asana + Mindfulness”  *No class on Sept. 29.* This 75-minute Iyengar yoga-based class is for all levels and abilities of practitioner, and includes clear instruction in asana along with a dedicated, mindful theme. (For this class, you need a yoga mat, a wall, a belt, two blocks and a firm blanket, and a sturdy chair.)
  • Thursdays, 10-11am “Nourishing Movement Lab”  *No class on Sept. 23 or 30.*  A gentle, joyful mix of yoga and embodied practices, this one-hour movement class both invigorates and calms the nervous system, developing self-awareness and supporting mental, physical, and emotional health via exploration of movement, stillness, effort, space, breath, relaxation, and more. Join this class to experience the fascinating, multi-dimensional world of the Laban Bartenieff Movement System! (You will need two yoga blankets, or two large beach towels or other firm blankets.)
  • Fridays, 9:15-10:45am “Intermediate Asana + Pranayama”  *No class on Sept. 24.*  This 90-minute intermediate-level Iyengar-based yoga class is for experienced (2+ years), regular (2x/week or more) practitioners of alignment-based yoga who would like to deepen their practice and are familiar with prop use. (You will need a yoga mat, a belt, two blocks, two blankets, and a backless yoga chair or sturdy folding chair, and a wall nearby.)

All times are Mountain Time.

HOW to REGISTER for class/es:

    • CONTACT DANA LEVY YOGA (contact form below) requesting to join classes. You will receive a reply by email within 24-48 hours (check your junk/spam folder if you do not receive a reply within that time period). You will need to answer a few questions about your movement background and health conditions. You will be asked to fill out the Online Waiver Form, and pay for classes (details below).
    • Once we have exchanged e-mails, your email address will be added to the “ONLINE YOGA CLASSES” mailing list.
    • CHECK YOUR INBOX to find the monthly “Online Yoga Class Registration” e-mail from Dana Levy Yoga. (Check your junk/spam folder if it doesn’t appear.)
    • CHOOSE the class/es for which you’d like to register. You may register for all classes for which you are suited. Be sure to read class descriptions.
    • REGISTER* for class/es by clicking the link in the e-mail below the class description. You will be redirected to an online form showing the chosen class name, and dates for each weekly occurrence that month. Enter your name and e-mail address, and click “Submit”.  This will register you for all weekly occurrences of that class for the specific month!
    • CHECK YOUR MAIL AGAIN for the e-mail with the JOIN links for the class/es for which you registered.
    • SAVE the class link to use for each occurrence of the class that month, and add the classes to your calendar so you don’t forget to join.
    • PAY for your classes. Scroll down for “HOW TO PAY for CLASSES”.
    • SUBMIT a waiver form before your first class!  Click here for the Online Waiver Form.
    • See below for hints on “HOW TO JOIN ONLINE CLASSES”.
  • CURRENT/RETURNING STUDENTS: Members of the Online Yoga Classes Mailing List receive the registration links before the start of each month via e-mail. (Be sure to check your spam/junk folder if it does not appear in your inbox.)
    • Once you receive the monthly Online Yoga Classes Registration mail, you may register* for the classes for that month which you would like to attend.
    • Check your inbox for the e-mail with “Join” links.
    • Save the link! That link is for all occurrences of the class for that month, and can be saved to your personal calendar. (If you lose the link, simply re-register.)
    • Make sure your payment plan is current. (See below for payment details.)
    • Make sure your Waiver Form is current. Click here for the Online Waiver Form!
    • If you are a regular student holding a class pass with Dana, and cannot join a class in person, you may request the link to the class recording (accessible for 2 weeks after the class date).

*You will NOT be charged for registering for classes. You only pay for the classes you actually attend, or for which you request the class recording (recordings are available for 2 weeks after the class date).

HOW to JOIN online class/es:

  1. DOWNLOAD ZOOM to your device. New to Zoom? Check it out here! (No need to create an account with Zoom.)
  2. PREPARE your practice space. (Make sure you have the props you need. Details above.)
  3. SET UP your device adjacent to your practice space, where you can easily see the screen, and where Dana can see you, if possible.
  4. MAKE SURE your internet is working. Reception is better closer to your modem!
  5. JOIN CLASS by clicking the Zoom join link for that class.

HOW to PAY for classes:

  • CLASS PASSES: Available in 4-, 9-, and 20-class sizes, and are valid for 1 year from date of purchase.
      • Single Class: $15 ($12 Sr./Student)
      • 4-Class Pass: $50 ($44 Sr./Student)
      • 9-Class Pass: $99 ($90 Sr./Student)
      • 20-Class Pass: $200 ($180 Sr./Student)
    • Venmo: @DanaLevyYoga
    • Credit Card: Contact Dana through the contact form below with your request. Dana will invoice you through the “Square” app. Be sure to include the amount you’d like to pay!
    • PayPal: Click this link to go to the “PayPal.me” site, where you can enter the amount you’d like to pay, or the price of the class pass you’d like to purchase. Add a memo with your e-mail address if you’d like a confirmation of receipt. If your PayPal account is in someone else’s name, please let Dana know. (Payee appears as “KIZUKI LLC – Dana Levy Yoga”.)
    • Cash and check are a little hard in this time of quarantine, but Dana is happy to work with you if that’s your best option.
    • Have a Class Pass? Check with Dana if you aren’t sure how many classes remain on your pass. Dana will contact you when it’s running low.
    • Need-Based: If you are currently unable to pay full price for classes, please see below, “The YOGA of BUSINESS”.


Yoga Sutra 2.16 “Heyam Dukham Anagatam” states “The practice of yoga reduces future suffering.” Your support in the short-term helps keep us as teachers and our brick-and-mortar studios stable, so that you may attend in-person classes in the future.

    • May those who are able to pay to join classes please do so.
    • May those who are not able to pay at this time please join classes.
    • May these practices benefit all.

If you are experiencing financial difficulty and would like to join classes, please contact Dana before joining class to find an option that will benefit both parties. Thank you for your honesty, understanding, support and participation.

Online yoga classes will continue for as long as needed. Please reach out to Dana with questions or to be added to the “Online Yoga Classes” mailing list, to receive the monthly class registration links.