Sit Where You Stand, Stand Where You Sit

If you would like to stand better, why not sit down?

Developing our ‘seated’ practice can help us improve not only how we stand, but also our understanding of ‘what we stand for’ and how to stand more powerfully, easily, and fully. Sitting isn’t as simple as it looks…

This approach develops our somatic intelligence. Yoga is a somatic practice – meant to develop our lived experience of Self through awareness of ourselves as thinking, feeling, moving body-minds.

Request a one-to-one session to develop your approach to ‘what you stand for’. Non-movers, mature bodies, and other-abled bodies are welcome.

With a background in movement analysis, yoga therapy, and Embodied Peacemaking, I can help you organize your movement better so that you can be more easefully effective in your practice and in your life.

Look for more videos like this in coming days; this short video practice is a study in Parsvakonasana (Extended Side Angle Pose), showing supported Parsvakonasana using a yoga chair, blanket, and block.) Iyengar-based yoga classes are one aspect of what I do…

Join an online yoga/movement class here.

Contact Dana about one-to-one sessions here.

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