A Mature Approach

Why speed through practice? Why speed through life?

Working over time through layers develops maturity, depth, and sensitivity, reduces pain and increases somatic intelligence.

Request a one-to-one session to fine-tune your approach to practice and life, whether it be yoga, Pilates, running, hiking, parenting or sitting in endless meetings. Non-movers, mature bodies, and other-abled bodies are welcome.

With a background in movement analysis, yoga therapy, and Embodied Peacemaking, I can help you organize your movement better so that you can be more easefully effective in your practice and in your life.

Look for more videos like the one below in coming days; this practice is Supported Trikonasana (Triangle Pose). Iyengar-based yoga classes are one aspect of what I do…

Join an online class – details here!

Read about or request a one-to-one session – details here.

Contact Dana directly here.

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