November and December Special Events!

Hello, and welcome to mid-November!

As you look towards the end of this and the next month, you may visualize quite a different holiday season than you are accustomed to. I know I am.

How easy it might be to sink into sadness and stay there for the remainder of the dark months of this cold season.

But, remember the lights? The ones we turn on in order to read, to see at night, to add brightness outside our homes as well as inside?

Now is the time to turn that light on.

To shine, not only for yourself, but also for those around you, both in- and outside of your household.

Summer was hard, but it was easier – good weather, sunny days, patio time, long evenings outdoors, freedom to roam around the neighborhood, the park, or other favorite outdoor places.

This. is. hard.

So, plug yourself into something nourishing. Do yoga. Dance. Walk around your house and look for something that you haven’t noticed lately. Look around the neighborhood or further out, and see what’s changing, and what’s staying the same. Call friends. Pet your dog, cat, or your own self. Take care of a plant. Drink water, and feel it slide down your throat. Sit back in your chair, put your hands behind your head, and take a deep breath. Close your eyes for a moment. Rest.

That’s right. Rest.

Then, spread that nourishment around a bit. Shine your light. Look for light.

And join one or both of the special online classes below, held on Nov. 28 and Dec. 20.

In fact, bring light to those around you by inviting friends and family to join the classes with you!

Hope to see you there, and that you keep yourself and those around you safe and sound in coming weeks and months.

Saturday, Nov. 28, 10-11:30am MST
“Get on Up, Ease on Down” Special Thanksgiving Class
After building some heat with active standing poses, we will give in to gravity with restoratives, and finish with mindful, bodyful, quiet sitting. 
Appropriate for all kinds of people – no yoga experience needed. You’ll need to set up near a wall, and have two large beach towels or firm blankets for this 90-minute online class. Oh, and a device with a reliable wifi connection!


Sunday, Dec. 20, 4:00-5:30pm MST
“With Open Arms: Giving and Receiving” Special Solstice Class
Join this late-afternoon solstice class to visit with yourself, to spread out your wings and settle into yourself. Rest is a great gift, and, by nourishing ourselves, we can nourish those around us. 
Appropriate for all kinds of people – no yoga experience needed. For this 90-minute online class, you’ll need two firm blankets or beach towels, a sturdy chair, and a device with a reliable wifi connection!


How to Join: 
1) Preregister 
to receive the Zoom join links for each class. (Links above.)
2) Make a $10-20 donation before or after class: 
Click here to donate via PayPal, and select your donation rate. 
Donate via Venmo (you must have a Venmo account): @DanaLevyYoga 
Contact Dana to arrange another form of payment.

May these classes bring brightness, lightness, and joy…Share with family and friends by sharing this link!

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