November Online Classes and the Bird of Yoga

What does it feel like to jump headlong into the future? Looking at the photo here, what do you feel in your body? What thoughts and feelings arise? Notice them! Breathe. Let them move through and with you, as you move through and with them!

Abhyasa – sincere, dedicated practice – and Vairagya – detachment – are the two wings of the bird of Yoga. When they are out of balance, the bird flies unevenly. How are you flying?

Join me for online classes in November. The registration e-mail for this month’s classes is flying to inboxes worldwide. If you’d like to receive it, too, then contact me with your name and e-mail address to be added to the “Dana Levy Yoga Online Yoga Classes” mailing list. More details here.

I look forward to working and playing with you!

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