Thanksgiving Week Schedule

In recent weeks, my students have dug deep to find their love and power*. I am so very proud of each person who steps through the door of the studio to practice. As the first of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras states, “Atha yoganusasanam”. Simply translated, it means, “And now, the practice of yoga begins.”

“Atha”, or “now” brings us to this moment. “Yoga” is the study of who we are, where we are, and how we can bring about change to ourselves in order to know clearly how our actions affect those around us, and vice versa. “Anusasanam” is the act of following through in our commitment to practice.

So, as we commit to our practice, it also commits to us. Our practice prepares us for the ups and downs, the fluctuations of the “outer” world, by teaching us to be present in the face of challenges. We practice for the hard times, not the easy ones.

In regard to practice, please note the following schedule for Thanksgiving Week:

  • Monday, November 21: 9:15-10:45 “All Levels Hatha Yoga” with Dana at Mindful Yoga Collective.
  • Wednesday, November 23: No class. Please attend Roz’s class at 7:30am at Mindful.
  • Friday, November 25: 9:15-10:45 “All Levels Hatha Yoga” with Roz at Mindful. Please join Roz for class!
  • Saturday, November 26: No class.
  • Regular schedule resumes from Monday, November 28 at Mindful.

Please enjoy the holiday, take some time to reflect on your own practices–not only yoga, but those practices which bring you home to yourself–and allow both the blessings and your gratitude to seep through your pores, steep in your marrow, slide through your veins, and sing through your breath.




*As one of my teachers, Paul Linden, states, “Power without love is brutal and destructive; love without power is weak and ineffective.” He provides some excellent, simple physical tools for discovering the balance of love and power here. (If you prefer video, click here!) It’s called, “Embodied Peacemaking”.

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