Hello, November!

Halloween is just around the corner, and November looms large. Skiers are looking for the first powder day, bikers are making their cold-season plans, hikers are polishing their snowshoes in anticipation. Yet, the air remains a tad warm, and the sun still warms our faces in midday. How I love the changing of the seasons in Utah, and all there is to delight in!

As November arrives, a few reminders:

  1. Register for the Nov. 13 (Sunday) Snowbird Experiential Retreat from 1-4pm. Info and registration link (this retreat is sponsored by the University of Utah Lifelong Learning Program) appear on the “Events & Workshops” page.
  2. Saturday classes are ON for Nov. 5, 12, and 19, but there’s NO CLASS on NOV. 26! Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend.
  3. Speaking of Thanksgiving….any subs or cancellations during the holiday week (Weds., Nov. 23 and Fri., Nov. 25 will be announced right here, so keep checking back!
  4. Peering into December (!), Leslie Howard’s workshops at Mindful Yoga Collective will be held on Dec. 3 & 4. Please register soon–spaces are going fast! More details and registration info available here, on the Mindful website. Leslie is a fantastic, experienced, knowledgeable teacher who can make you comfortable with uncomfortable topics, and let you laugh while you’re being enlightened! The workshops are:
    1. “Pelvic Floor Workshop” (women only) is Saturday & Sunday, 9-12 am
    2. “Cranky Hips & the Lower Back Blues” (open to all) is Saturday, 2-4pm
  5. I’m currently developing some sweet prop workshops. Chairs, belts, blocks…stay tuned!

Looking forward to seeing you at the studio, around town, or on the trail!

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