“Hello”, or “When Adele is not enough.”

What a wonderful practice today at Mindful Yoga Collective. Using the wall for standing poses, we prepared for the Thanksgiving holiday by accepting the support of the wall and organizing ourselves effectively, all the better to go meet the world in a balanced state. (Thanks, Charla C, for the reflections.)
…Oh, and we did talk about  long, heavy femurs, melty marshmallows, and big, soft baby thighs, too….

Remember–no classes on Wednesday at Metric Yoga, or Thursday at Mindful. See you again on Monday, Nov. 30.

Have a warm, joyful, and balanced holiday. Remember to lean in and engage fully. Remember to accept support, organize yourself, then go out to meet the world. 

And when the kleshas arise, the destructive mental/emotional afflictions, the buttons that get pushed, remember this:

“Seeds of unhappiness,
Sources of fear,
Cause conflict and strife.
Roast them in the flame of awareness and clearly hear,
The inner essence of life.”
–Nicolai Bachman

Or, just watch this…

2 thoughts on ““Hello”, or “When Adele is not enough.”

    1. Dana L. Post author

      Hi, Ted! Yes, of course I know you’re friends with Nicolai–that’s part of the reason I purchased his book. I love the intro, where he talks about wandering through the NM mountains, talking philosophy with Tias…



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