Five-Week Online Embodiment Circle “Exploring Embodied Yoga Principles”

Join Dana and four experienced colleagues for “Exploring Embodied Yoga Principles”, a five-week Online Embodiment Circle

Dates: May 26, June 2, June 9, June 16, June 23 from 5:30-6:30pm MST

Join this Online Embodiment Circle to learn how to use simple postures to gain deep personal insight. Hosted by certified Embodied Yoga Principles (EYP) teachers, this circle is a combination of movement and facilitated sharing, with a different theme each week. Take time to have an embodied conversation with yourself, and learn skills to apply in daily life. No yoga experience needed; this is yoga for your life, not for your hamstrings!

  • Week 1 (5/26) – A Taste of EYP, hosted by Sarah Liljegren. What is embodied yoga principles and how is it different than regular yoga? How can EYP help me better understand myself?
  • Week 2 (6/2) – Desire & Avoidance, hosted by Patricia Aguirre. Where do you stand regarding your desires? What can you learn about yourself from what you avoid?
  • Week 3 (6/9) – Momentum in Monotony, hosted by Hannah Bose. What is your relationship to being stuck and breaking through? How do you gain and maintain momentum in life?
  • Week 4 (6/16) – Radial Ease, hosted by Sarah Martin. What is the quality of your Effort and your relationship to Ease? How can you choose what best serves you?
  • Week 5 (6/23) – Beginnings as Endings, hosted by Dana Levy. How you do prepare for “the next thing”? What is your relationship to leaving things behind and moving forward?

Sign up here:
You will receive an email with a link that will open for each circle!

Embodiment Circles support well-being, learning and connection and are free to all. If you’d like to be with others in a positive virtual environment, reduce your stress, and move a little to support your health, then join in.

Circles are pragmatic and accessible, with no spiritual or political agenda. They and are not therapy, healing, religious, etc. Circles are most often fun, surprisingly touching, and really useful during stressful isolating times.

All groups are on Zoom and hosted by experienced practitioners. They are free of charge: hosts are free to ask for donations, and you are free not to contribute.

Embodiment Circles are sponsored by The Embodiment Conference.

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