“I’ve Got Your Back (and Hips)…”

Recently, I’ve developed and taught a sequence in private and group lessons designed to address hip and back issues. It’s simple, passive, relaxing (because it’s supine), and lets each practitioner discover for themselves their own range of motion within a specific relationship to gravity.

By not bearing weight on the legs (standing), and by removing the effort of sitting upright, we can really kick back and check out our own legs, and see how they move (or don’t) from the hip joints all the way down to the feet.  For several students, it has helped them heal discomfort in their back and hips; hence the term “therapeutic”.

Please read the notes here before doing the sequence. (It’s 8 minutes long, with no narration.) Maybe watch it once to familiarize yourself with it?

Notes: “Therapeutic Reclining Series for Back and Hips”
-Be sure your entire back and backside/derrière rest on the floor with the legs up the wall during the entire series. You’r body should make an “L” shape, more or less. If your buttocks levitate, scoot further away from the wall. If you’re pretty limited in your range of motion to start with, you’ll have nowhere to go, so start simply at a distance.
-Skip any posture you cannot do without distorting the rest of the body. What’s in touch with the floor when you begin should stay so as you move the legs.
-Practice with discernment and intelligence. Value quality over quantity. It’s not a competition. If you just want to lie on the floor with the legs up the wall, more power to you! That’s a GREAT choice anytime!
-Not a substitute for medical care.
-Let me know how it goes, or if you have questions.
(Created by @danalevyyoga. Give credit if you share!)


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