Spring News 2016!

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Dana Levy Yoga Spring News 2016

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Happy Spring!

Poking around in the dirt,
And covering up again.
Repeat as needed,
Never giving up hope,
Holding the space,
To break through.

Mindful Space

Mindful Yoga Collective

Big Spring News!

Starting from March 21, all classes will be held at Mindful Yoga Collective.

▪ Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings:
▪ 9:15-10:45am “All Levels”
▪ Wednesday afternoons:
▪ 4:00-5:30pm “Hatha Yoga Refresh”
▪ 1st & 3rd Sundays:
▪ 5:00-6:30pm “Sunday Restorative Yoga” (see info below)

Schedule, classes, event & workshop details at www.danalevyyoga.com
See you at Mindful!


Paschmottanasana @ FURLA yoga

“Sunday Restorative Yoga”

Sunday Restorative Yoga is held from 5:00-6:30pm on the 1st & 3rd Sundays (unless otherwise noted).

▪ March 6* & 20
▪ April 17
▪ May 1* & 15
▪ June 5* & 19

Class fee is the same as for regular classes.

First Sunday Mindfulness Group meets at 7 pm on the dates marked with an asterisk.

SNowbird Retreat

Snowbird’s Cliff Spa Yoga Studio

Yoga Experiential Retreat @ Snowbird

Join Dana on Sunday, April 3 from 1:00-4:00pm at the Cliff Spa for three hours of yoga, restoratives, and meditation. Details here!
Pre-registration required; offered through the University of Utah Continuing Education Lifelong Learning Program.

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Rope wall & props @ Dana’s home studio

Private Lessons

Make an appointment with yourself!
Private or semi-private lessons are available with Dana at your home or hers.
A private lesson allows you to ask questions, receive even more personalized instruction, and help you set your own goals and learn at your pace. With a multiple-lesson package, we can even create a home practice for you at the first lesson, and return to check in. (Multiple lessons are offered at a discounted price.) Contact me with questions and scheduling requests.

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Sirsasana @ Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Thank you!

Thanks to new students who recently joined classes, and to the students who took a chance and brought a friend! It’s great to work with each of you.

It’s your word of mouth that brings wonderful people together to create the community where we practice!
Looking forward to seeing you in the studio again soon!

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