One-To-One Yoga Classes

Need the sweet vibe and the one-to-one attention of a skilled teacher? Book a private yoga session with Dana!

Ask questions, get answers, develop yourself and your Self. Remember – yoga is not simply “asana” (postures).  It’s a form of self-development which is enhanced by regular practice. Sometimes, we all need a little help from an outside eye. Whether you commit to weekly or biweekly sessions (discount offered for booking multiple sessions in advance), or simply want a check-in, a private yoga session can be the inspiration you’re looking for.

When COVID conditions allow, sessions will take place at a beautiful local studio, following agreed-upon health protocols. Until then, all sessions held online. (As of November, 2020.)

Scheduling Your One-To-One Session

Contact Dana to request a session and discuss availability. Dana’s schedule is flexible, with weekday morning, afternoon, and evening sessions available, as well as selected weekend slots. She’ll work with you to find a time that works for both you and the studio where your session will be held.

Pricing & Payment:

One-To-One sessions are offered at an hourly rate. (Discount available for purchasing multiple sessions.) 60-minute sessions are most common; however, some clients prefer 45- or 90-minute sessions. Dana will work with you to find the perfect duration. Contact Dana for pricing.

Payment may be made by cash, check, or credit card, or through Venmo or PayPal.

*In case of financial hardship, Dana will work with a client to find a fee that benefits both parties.

Questions? Fill in the contact form, below.