Paul Linden in SLC – 2020

This workshop has been canceled for 2020…we look forward to bringing Paul Linden for his third workshop in Salt Lake City at another time.

Thanks to all who have joined in the past.

Please visit Paul’s website to learn from him directly – there are many free and paid resources for Being in Movement, the mindbody method for working with the body and trauma which Paul developed.

If you are interested in exploring his work in person, Dana is happy to work with you one-to-one. Click here for details.



Paul Linden, Ph.D., founder of Being in Movement® MindBody Training, is a specialist in body and movement awareness education. His work focuses on the interplay between self-awareness and effective action. Paul’s intelligent, effective, groundbreaking methods are being used throughout the world in the fields of embodied peacemaking, conflict resolution, and trauma and abuse recovery.

What is Being In Movement®, also known as BIM? BIM is a systematic way of linking structural/functional bodywork with psycho-spiritual change. The emphasis is on integrating power and compassion in the body as a foundation for effectiveness in daily life. Information available here! 

Why Do I Recommend This Workshop? Paul teaches through movement experiences (movement riddles) that are effective, unforgettable and profound. The results and learning are immediate and palpable. Paul is a master at language and communication, with an empirical approach that cuts through any bullsh-t or misperception.  His sense of humor engaged me, and underlies his work. Even when working on a profoundly challenging concept or practice, there is a lightness that makes it accessible. Paul doesn’t let you do anything halfway, and works directly with each student to ensure that they grasp the concept presented, no matter how challenging. Finally, having learned from Paul 25 years ago, I recognize the value of what I learned at that time, and realize that it underlies all of the work I do as a yoga therapist, teacher, teacher trainer, and, most especially, as a human being. To be embodied is to be alive, and able to engage fully in every situation, pleasant or unpleasant, comfortable or uncomfortable, desired or not. To win understanding of self is not easy; with Paul’s help, it’s not as difficult.

Is this workshop for me? “If you have a body, this workshop is for you….” You do not have to be a professional therapist, trainer, teacher, or involved in a related field; anyone can benefit from and immediately apply the skills from this workshop in life situations. *However, we do ask that, if you are currently undergoing treatment for trauma, you refrain from joining unless by express permission of the host, Dana, or from Paul. Contact me with questions through the form below.

About Paul Linden, Ph.D.:  Paul Linden is the Chief Instructor and co-founder at the Centre for Columbus Center for Movement Studies/Aikido of Columbus in Columbus, Ohio, USA. He is a specialist in body and movement awareness education, and his work focuses on the interplay between self-exploration and effective action. Paul received his B.A. in Philosophy from Reed College and his Ph.D. in Physical Education from the Ohio State University. He is an instructor of the Feldenkrais Method® of body awareness education. He began Aikido practice in 1969, and he currently holds a sixth degree black belt in Aikido as well a first degree black belt in Karate. He is the developer of Being In Movement® mindbody training, the inventor of SpineLine® Bicycle Handlebars (patent #5,024,119), and the author of a number of books about applications of body awareness training in various areas of life. Paul has been a featured presenter at The Embodiment Conference, The Embodied Facilitator Course, Embodied Potential, and more, and has taught throughout the world.  *Paul travels less these days, so don’t miss this opportunity to work with him in person.*  For fun, Paul rides his bike, runs, practices Aikido, reads, practices organic gardening, shakes ;-), and writes.


*Participants from out-of-town: Dana is happy to advise on accommodations, sightseeing, etc. Please spend some time in this be-Utah-ful place before or after the workshops. Contact me.

“Power without love is brutality; love without power is ineffective.”

–Paul Linden