January 27-30, 2018: Pelvic Floor Yoga Teacher Training

Leslie Howard’s “The Root of All Things: Pelvic Floor Yoga™ Teacher Training” will be held at Mindful Yoga Collective, Salt Lake City, Utah, from January 27-30, 2018.

About Pelvic Floor Yoga™ Teacher Training:
This 20-hour advanced training is for experienced yoga teachers, healthcare professionals, midwives, doulas, fitness trainers, massage therapists, and just plain curious practitioners of yoga who want to deepen their practice.*

In the training, you will learn:

  • Current thinking about the pelvis, sexuality, and related modern medical care
  • Anatomy of the pelvis, hips, and gluteus muscles, and their roles in pelvic health
  • How posture affects the pelvic floor
  • Identifying hypertonic vs. hypotonic muscles, and the difference between “strong”, “weak”, and “tense” muscles
  • How breath and emotion affect the pelvic floor
  • How to teach breath and asana to students/clients to effectively improve tone in their pelvis
  • Yoga for the pelvic floor during all stages of pregnancy (including pre- and post-partum)
  • Yoga for menopause
  • The male pelvis: prostate issues, incontinence, and sexual dysfunction

*Completion of this training allows you to apply for certification as a Pelvic Floor Yoga (TM) instructor. Information available; certification program is administered by Leslie Howard.

About Leslie Howard: Leslie Howard is a San Francisco-based Iyengar-trained yoga teacher specializing in all things pelvic for women, leading workshops and trainings nationally and internationally. Healing her own hips and pelvis led her to intense study of the anatomy, physiology, cultural messaging, history and energetics of this vital bodily structure. A knowledgeable, approachable, engaging speaker who addresses all the issues with humor, maturity, and skill, Leslie is featured in the “Yoga Woman” documentary, offers online learning at YogaUonline.com, presents at Yoga Journal conferences, and has received grants for research in her field. Leslie’s book, “Pelvic Liberation: Using Yoga, Self-Inquiry, and Breath Awareness for Pelvic Health” is now available, and is required reading for the training; trainees receive the e-book upon registration. To learn more about Leslie, visit: www.lesliehowardyoga.com


SLC Pelvic Floor Yoga™ Teacher Training Details:

  • Event: “The Root of All Things: Pelvic Floor Yoga™ Teacher Training”
  • Instructor: Leslie Howard
  • Dates: Jan. 27-30, 2018 (Sat.-Tues.)
  • Time: 11:30am-5pm (30 minute break) each day
  • Location: Mindful Yoga Collective, 223 S. 700 E., Suite 4, Salt Lake City, UT 84102
  • Fee: $625.00 thru Jan. 12, 2018. $725.00 after Jan. 12, 2018. (+$20 fee for payment by credit card/PayPal)
  • Prepayment/Preregistration required.
  • Prerequisites: None for training. (*200-hr. yoga teacher training or approved equivalent is required in order to apply for PFY certification.)
  • Required Reading: Details included with registration confirmation.

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